Happy Adopters


We adopted our Nemo from Heart of Phoenix, so have first-hand experience with the care they all take to place the horses with good homes. Tinia Creamer still follows up with me if I forget to send a picture of Nemo to her every few months, and he has been with us fir two years. This illustrates the depth of dedication this organization has for the animals they rescue. You can’t go wrong supporting them if you love horses.” – Sandra Lane, January 2013 Adopter of Arabian Gelding, Nemo. Review from 5/6/2015

I am so impressed with the dedication of the Heart of Phoenix group.  The team that makes up Heart of Phoenix is like an ensemble cast on a good TV show. Some of them have excellent horse training skills, some of them have excellent people skills, some of them know how to bring a horse back from the brink of death, some of them are good with the finances, but all of them know about caring for the horses.

When I lost my Thoroughbred last fall, I began looking for another horse with a lot of training.  And found her in Miss Em, a beautiful Morgan mare.  I applied for her thinking there was no way I would qualify.  But I noticed other people who showed interest in her were gently turned away because Miss Em was not a good fit for them.  The more I read about her, the more convinced I was that we were a good fit.  Heart of Phoenix made certain that was true.  They asked a lot of questions because they had to get to know me, had to make sure I was committed to giving a forever home to Miss Em.  And at the same time, I was getting to know Heart of Phoenix.  And I am so glad I did!  Rescuing horses is not an easy job, and finding good homes for those horses is even harder still.  But Heart of Phoenix works hard at it and everybody wins: the adopters, the rescuers, but most of all – the horses!”
– Bobbie C (Adopter of Two HOP horses) 8/12/14

Eleven months ago we adopted Lemar Niteza from the Heart of Phoenix Rescue Organization. She has been such a blessing in my life. Teza lives on our farm in Kentucky where she is ridden in Saddle seat and Western. She also trail rides and is ridden by my ten year old sister. Furthermore, Teza has been a terrific companion to many of our other horses. I am so thankful that the Heart of Phoenix rescued her and gave her a second chance at life.”
-Raven J., Age: 15, February 18, 2013