If you have owned or adopted horses before, then read on for our traditional adoption process.

If you are NEW to horses, CLICK HERE for our Beginner Adoption Program

  1. Once you review the Full Adoption Information (including the adoption agreement) page, apply electronically online here (it takes about 20 minutes, on average and can be saved) IF the electronic form WILL not Submit, you can submit via Word and Email here
  2. You will need a photo driver’s license, photos of your facility fence, pastures, a video of your riding (ideally, walk/trot and canter, but a little ground work is helpful, if possible) and current photos of owned horses. Riding video isn’t require for COMPANION only horses or Miniatures.
  3. Household income (paystubs, W2, or whatever means you can offer to prove income)
  4. Submit the application fee of $18.00 via the application through stripe or paypal at if submitting the Word document form
  5. Send this link to your professional, equine and personal references
  6. LET YOUR Farrier and VET know we will be calling and give them permission to talk to us
  7. Approvals are good for 12 months for any horse that is a good match for your skill set and needs. Your are not expected to adopt just because you’re approved.
  8. Our email is

On adoption day. Make sure you visit this link to fill out our check list before you arrive.

Why Adopt a Horse?

  • Heart of Phoenix has a reputation that makes adopters proud to partner with us
  • We have a mission meaningful enough that adopters are happy to honor their adoption agreements
  • We have an easy way to identify and protect adopted horses with a well-known freeze brand and microchip
  • We have a sensible screening process
  • HOP offers a friendly “open return” policy that doesn’t make an adopter embarrassed or afraid to return the horse
  • With our “good match” program, you know we do our best to make sure the horse is A GOOD FIT before adoption
  • We offer ongoing support and education to our adopters. We are looking to adopt to safe homes. A history of good horsemanship, the ability to provide sufficient care with good vet, farrier and peer references are important. Our adoption process makes sure you get the right horse for you – it is a no fail process for finding the right match.
  • Each adopted horse goes to a home under an adoption agreement that provides terms to keep the horse safe for his/her natural life, so if the horse doesn’t work for you, the horse comes back to us, and the adoption fee is refunded. Adopted horses cannot be used for breeding or re-sell or be given away, but they are YOUR horses, as long as you care for them and want to keep them.


If you are NEW to horses, CLICK HERE for our Beginner Adoption Program


If you have owned or adopted horses before, then read on for our traditional adoption process:

Submit Your Adoption Application Here (This application is electronically submitted online.)

Sign your adoption agreement the day of adoption here (do not sign until you are picking your horse up

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