Adopt Your Horse

Looking for THE RIGHT EQUINE Partner?

Adopt A HORSE!

Some ADOPTION Advantages:

  1. Heart of Phoenix has a reputation that makes adopters proud to partner with us
  2. We have a mission meaningful enough that adopters are happy to honor their adoption agreements
  3. We have an easy way to identify and protect adopted horses with a well-known freeze brand and microchip
  4. We have a sensible screening program that isn’t overbearing
  5. HOP offers a friendly “open return” policy that doesn’t make an adopter embarrassed or afraid to return the horse
  6. With our “good match” program, you know we do our best to make sure the horse is A GOOD FIT before adoption
  7. We offer ongoing support and education to our adopters

Apply At Anytime. Approvals are good for 6 months for any horse that is a good match for your skill set and needs.

Submit Your Adoption Application Here 

This application is electronically submitted online.

However, there are a few things that need emailed or done separately.

Email to

  1. A copy of your driver’s license
  2. Photos of your facility fence, pastures and current horses
  3. Household income (paystubs, W2, etc)
  4. Submit the application fee of $15.00 via paypal at or mail to: PO BOX 81 / Shoals, WV 25562
  5. Send this link to your references (except vet and farrier)
  6. LET YOUR Farrier and VET know we will be calling and give them permission to talk to us

You may also message our Facebook page with these items, if that is easier for you

    Before Apply, You MUST read the FULL Adoption Packet Online Here 
Foster Horse Locations:

Huntington, WV – Ashland, Ky  – St. Albans, WV – Canmer, Ky – Grayson, Ky – Coal Grove, OH – Sunni Bell Stables, PA – Lesage, WV – Milton, WV


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