Adoption Fees

Adoption fees vary, and they may be updated at any time. Sometimes, adoption posting fees are not current. We relay on volunteers to keep the listings updated, so please inquire via email for the most up to date fees, as they may be higher or lower, than the listed amount sometimes.

Typically fees are:

$800-1,000 for horses and ponies undersaddle

$600 for horses with limitations

$350 for Minis and donkeys

$600 for foals

$250 to waived for companion only horses

Horses with trainers who give their services at no cost to the rescue have fees set by those trainers, so they vary but average $3,000, and the trainer receives 1/2 of that fee when the horse is adopted.

The horses in the event are adoptable to approved bidders in an auction type format. Trainers receive 1/2 of those fees. The horses have over 100 days of training (valued at over $3,000 per horse, typically). Those horses fees start at $1,500 and go from there in bidding increments of $100 if with Pro trainers; The fee is $1,200 and goes from there with AM. trainers.

Average winning fee for the event last years was $3,500.00

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