Adopt Sterling: 2013 Appaloosa Mare


Sex:  Mare
Breed: Appaloosa
Coat: Varnish
Height: 15.1hh 
Foal Year: 2013
Fee: ATFO Participant
Location: LESAGE, WV

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This horse is in a 100 day training competition. You can message Meribeth Harrell for information on this horse. If interested in adopting this horse, you will need to visit this link to learn how to apply and about the adoption process for this competition horse: This horse is an APPALACHIAN TRAINER FACE OFF Candidate.

All ATFO horses are competing in the ATFO on August 23-24th 2019, where approved adopters may offer bids to adopter her under our adoption agreement. You must apply by Aug 14th in order to be able to bid on her. To follow this horse’s training, meet them, talk to the trainer or apply to adopt.

Skill Level Required: Appalachian Trainer Face Off horses become this event unstarted, so they will still be a green horse after 100 days, but they will have a wonderful foundation. Trainers with these horses are will to offer discount continued training, if needed. Most of these horses will be in the 4-6 rider level



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