Adopt Roo – 2009 Gaited Chestnut Pony Mare



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Sex:  Mare
Breed: Gaited KMH X pony
Coat: Chestnut 
Height: 13hh  est
Foal Year: 2009
Fee: $600
Location: Lesage, WV

Consider adoption if looking for a horse. Our horses are fostered in WV, KY, PA and OH, and we adopt nationwide.

Roo is suitable for a confident intermediate small rider or child.

Skill Level Required:


Learn about what this level means by clicking here

Apply to adopt:


  1. I am possibly interested in adopting Roo Depending upon how her riding and temperament assessment came out. We have young grandchildren and are looking for a suitable pony for them to love and learn on. Do you know if she is safe for beginners yet?


  2. Has Roo rider skill changed? I noticed in Aug he was rider skill was 5.
    I am looking for a small horse for myself. I am middle aged 4’11” tall & not as thin as I’d like to be.
    I am want a safe sound companion horse for trail riding & to do ground work games with.
    I have had a TW for about 14 yrs but 6-7 of those years she hasn’t been sound & I am having to say good by to her now this week. So I am looking for another to restart my riding skills again.
    Let me know if Roo is good fit or any others you may have.


      1. Thank you. Please let me know what has caused her lameness & when she is able to be seen.

        If any other horses come in that are safe/sound & my size height I’m looking for send me an email please. Thanks!


      2. Hi T.Creamer,

        I have submitted an adoption form. So please let me know when Roo is well enough to be viewed I’d love to come see her.

        How is she doing? I hope she is able to be helped and be made sound again.

        Thanks, Susan


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