Adopt Roo – 2009 Gaited Chestnut Pony Mare



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Sex:  Mare
Breed: Gaited KMH X pony
Coat: Chestnut 
Height: 13hh  est
Foal Year: 2009
Fee: $600
Location: Lesage, WV

Consider adoption if looking for a horse. Our horses are fostered in WV, KY, PA and OH, and we adopt nationwide.

Roo is suitable for a confident intermediate small rider or child.

Skill Level Required:


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  1. I am possibly interested in adopting Roo Depending upon how her riding and temperament assessment came out. We have young grandchildren and are looking for a suitable pony for them to love and learn on. Do you know if she is safe for beginners yet?

  2. Has Roo rider skill changed? I noticed in Aug he was rider skill was 5.
    I am looking for a small horse for myself. I am middle aged 4’11” tall & not as thin as I’d like to be.
    I am want a safe sound companion horse for trail riding & to do ground work games with.
    I have had a TW for about 14 yrs but 6-7 of those years she hasn’t been sound & I am having to say good by to her now this week. So I am looking for another to restart my riding skills again.
    Let me know if Roo is good fit or any others you may have.

    1. She is more like a 3-4. She is having a little lameness right now, so we have to take her to Rood and Riddle, but please get back with us in a few weeks. She is a sweet mare.

      1. Thank you. Please let me know what has caused her lameness & when she is able to be seen.

        If any other horses come in that are safe/sound & my size height I’m looking for send me an email please. Thanks!

      2. Hi T.Creamer,

        I have submitted an adoption form. So please let me know when Roo is well enough to be viewed I’d love to come see her.

        How is she doing? I hope she is able to be helped and be made sound again.

        Thanks, Susan

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