Adopt Jet: 1995 Grade Black gelding



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Sex:  Gelding
Breed: Grade 
Coat: Black 
Height: 15hh 
Foal Year: 1995
Fee: $500
Location: Lesage, WV

Consider adoption if looking for a horse. Our horses are fostered in WV, KY, PA and OH, and we adopt nationwide.

This boy is a gem!

A big, easy keeping older gelding that likes people and loves other horses.

Sarah, a HOP volunteer, will have him at Elkins Creek Horse Camp for RIDE FOR RESCUE next weekend.

She rode him tonight and said, when asked how their first ride went:

“Delightful, I love him! It took me a couple of minutes to get him to stand at the block, but he was an absolute gentleman the entire rest of the time. He’s smooth and energetic. And he has a really cute reaction to chin scritches. I’m smitten!”

He has some go, cross ties, loads well and accepts a bridle easily.

Skill Level Required:


Learn about what this level means by clicking here

Apply to adopt:


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