Adopt Moana: 1998 Chestnut Arabian Mare



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Sex: Mare
Breed: Arabian
Coat: Chesnut
Height: 14.1hh approximation 
Foal Year: 1998
Fee: $600
Location: St Albans, WV

Moana is a spunky mare that doesn’t show her age in any manner. She is sound, gorgeous and ready to go in any direction!

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  1. And would in a great honor to be able to either have I brought here or for us to be able to come pick her up today or tomorrow if you would be willing to help me be able to work something out if you’re absolutely needing some kind of feel for the horse then I can pay you either out of my husband’s check or my check is I get an SSI check every month on the 1st in his comes every 3rd of the month and his Social Security in and we usually have plenty of funds or at least where are we he normally Bok through the mountains but where are these three people did that to us a cause us to get a little behind and where we’ve been trying to for two and a half years now to get this I’ll and probably be ready which we have now finally done you never raining of our funds had went on this and making stalls for the horse and two pins for are pigs for getting ready to build defense for pigs as well and was really hoping that you could help or something out making it possible for me to be able to come and get this particular horse even today if you would be willing or be able to let me and thank you and my phone number is 304-761-0301 and my name is Brandy Russ Barnett and my husband’s name is I got you Barnett

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