Confetti: 2014 Appaloosa Cross Mare with the Appalachian Trainer Face Off

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Sex: Mare
Breed: Appaloosa x SB
Coat: Bay
Height: 15hh approximation 
Foal Year: 2014
Fee: $500 starting bid during approved adopter auction August 25th
Location: North Carolina

Trainer: Richard Hames with Hames Horsemanship – Please reach out via the trainer link to ask any questions about suitability, training and progress.

Confetti is part of a training challenge called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. Horses in the ATFO will be in training for 100 days. This training began May 15th, and it runs until August 24th and 25th.

All horses in this event will undergo extremely thorough training, and all of these horses were previously untrained or very green.

To learn about this event and about adopting this horse or another ATFO horse, please visit the event page.

You can follow the progress of this horse daily and weekly in photos and video on the ATFO page:

Apply to adopt:

From Richard Hames, her trainer:

60 days have come and gone.

Confetti is a 15.1 hand, Saddlebred Appaloosa Cross Mare that is 4 years old.

Rider and Handle Level: Intermediate to Experienced.

Due to Confettis injuries when she came into Hames Horsemanship she is no where near the rest of the competitors, but that hasn’t stopped us. This week alone she has had her first solo trail ride, will ride confidently through obstacles, will accept you roping off of her, cracking a whip from her back, will pick up all of her feet, stand for farrier, stand for brushing, and my personal favorite…. you can pretty much do anything around her or with her without her old fighting responses.

She has truly become one of my favorite horses to work with daily and has already exceeded expectation in everything we have accomplished thus far. Confetti can literally go in any direction after this competition and will succeed in just about any direction you take her. She is a confident horse with a lot of work drive, so she still needs a pretty over confident handler to keep her in tune with the tasks at hand. She could easily be an amazing competitive trail horse, endurance horse, or go into the hunter jumper realm, she could also be a great fun show playday type of mare. Confetti has overcome so much in her life already she needs someone who wants a horse that is loving, work oriented, and yet can accept her for the big pet she is.

Be sure to get your applications in for her, because I assure you by day 100 with the starting bid at only $500 you will be raising a hand for her. I will also offer extended training for her at a discounted rate once the competition is complete, however at the pace she is progressing she will be ready to take home and use. #HOPteamConfetti

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