Tamale: 2006 Chestnut Mare with the Appalachian Trainer Face Off

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Sex: Mare
Breed: Unknown
Coat: Chesnut
Height: 14.3 hh Approx
Foal Year: 2006
Fee: $500 starting bid during approved adopter auction August 25th
Location: Ohio

Trainer: Grace Keeton  Follow the Journey on FACEBOOK 

Please reach out via the trainer link to ask any questions about suitability, training and progress.

Tamale is part of a training challenge called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. Horses in the ATFO will be in training for 100 days. This training began May 15th, and it runs until August 24th and 25th.

All horses in this event will undergo extremely thorough training, and all of these horses were previously untrained or very green.

To learn about this event and about adopting this horse or another ATFO horse, please visit the event page.

You can follow the progress of this horse daily and weekly in photos and video on the ATFO page:

Adopt an ATFO Horse

Apply to adopt:

From Grace, her trainer:

The constant awareness of me on the ground has translated as constant awareness of me in the saddle. Tamale is ever-present. She almost always has an ear on me to be sure all is well. I never feel as though she’s forgotten about me or has any sort of agenda. Wherever we go, there is an unexplainable feeling that we are going together. Neither of us having to argue with the other, she asks questions and accepts my answer and I do the same for her. It brings such a sense of trustworthiness in her that I really can’t put into words. She looks out for me just as she would look out for her herd, and that feels pretty darn special. Even in unfamiliar territory, she stays with me. I have a feeling she’s a horse that, be it physically or emotionally, she will never really leave.♥️




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