Jody: 2015 Spotted Saddle Horse x Appy Filly with the Appalachian Trainer Face Off

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Sex: Filly
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse X Appy 
Coat: Paint
Height: 14.3 hh Approx
Foal Year: 2015
Fee: $500 starting bid during approved adopter auction August 25th
Location: Kentucky

Trainer: Heather McCracken  Follow the Journey on FACEBOOK 

Please reach out via the trainer link to ask any questions about suitability, training and progress.

Jody is part of a training challenge called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. Horses in the ATFO will be in training for 100 days. This training began May 15th, and it runs until August 24th and 25th.

All horses in this event will undergo extremely thorough training, and all of these horses were previously untrained or very green.

To learn about this event and about adopting this horse or another ATFO horse, please visit the event page.

You can follow the progress of this horse daily and weekly in photos and video on the ATFO page:

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Jody is a 14.3hh Appaloosa x Spotted Saddle Horse.
Her approximate age is 3 years old.
Sturdy build. Non-gaited.
Very striking facial markings with a personality to match! She sports a medicine hat, 1 blue eye, striped hooves and a few small black spots on her body.
She currently has 30+ days of training under her belt by Lazy Ridge Farm in Richmond, KY. Day 1 she came barely halter broke, with an inquisitive friendly sense about her.
PERSONALITY – Level headed demeanor about her. In your pocket type girl. Not marish. No vices. Easy to catch. Can be turned out alone or with others. Low on totem pole. Loves attention. Once she trusts/bonds with you, she will be like putty in your hands. Her stall is her safe place. Extremely friendly towards humans, other horses and farm animals. No health issues. UTD on all vaccines, dental, worming etc. She is an intelligent, eager student willing to learn.
Jody has been worked at the walk and trot under saddle. She has been doing consistent trot circles and bending but still needs work softening and relaxing. I would say she is not very forward at the walk but can be at the trot. When she gets nervous under saddle her speed will pick up a bit which can be easily corrected with out a fuss. I haven’t introduced cantering until she can learn to soften at the trot, become collected and learn to balance herself and riders weight. She rides on a loose or semi loose rein. She has been ridden with and with-out a bit. She responds to verbal queues, leg pressure and a tap with the crop if needed. We are still working with better transitions turning L & R and yielding L & R with her hind end. Jody has also gone through a lot of desensitizing work mounted & un-mounted, in the ring and around the barn.
TRAINING – Grooming. Touching ears and sensitive spots. Stands good for Farrier (no sedation required). Leads. Loads on trailer. Hauls. Ties and cross ties. Picks up all 4 feet. Fly sprays. Bathes. Respects space but sometimes needs a reminder. Follows the leader on the ground with other ground work tasks. Obstacles in hand & obstacles under saddle. Backing up. Hacking around property. Ridden in English & Western tack. Fine with tarps/other scary objects on body and rattling objects around head/body. Flags. Walking over tarps. Cross rails. Bridge. Walks over small jumps. Flower boxes. Exposed to loud lawn mowers & gun shots. Stands to mount until you ask her to move forward. Stands to dismount.
I could see Jody going in almost any direction at this point. That is why I choose to ride her in both English & Western Tack. I could easily see her excelling as a western pleasure, contesting, hunter/jumper or trail mount. She is schooling at an elementary level and will need a rider who can ultimately become her partner and continue her training as she grows and builds on her 100 day foundation.
Jody will be up for adoption at the end of the 100 day Appalachian Trainer Face Off event on August 25th at Winfield, WV. If you would like to bid you WILL need to be an approved adopter through Heart Of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC. and you do not have to be present to bid. I would not wait to apply as it will take a few weeks for the volunteers to look through the application.