Davinci: 2011 Appaloosa POA Gelding

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Sex: Gelding
Breed: Pony of the Americas
Coat: Appaloosa
Height: 13.3hh Approx
Foal Year: 2011
Fee: $800
Location: Ohio 

Trainer: Vivian Jones at Skyfire Horsemanship. FACEBOOK and Blog

Please reach out via the trainer link to ask any questions about suitability, training and progress.

Apply to adopt:

FROM VIVIAN, His trainer:

When I stop and really think about all we have accomplished in 60 Days I get a little emotional. This video is for his under saddle progress. You can see the many obstacles he has learned about as well as his basic walk trot and canter. Again I will say we are far from perfect but from unhandled to here is such long ways in what is really a rather small time frame for teaching a horse. It can take years to truly finish them.

The water obstacle seen here is brand spanking new. The hubby just put it together last night so other then a very short intro to it before hand this is his first time with it and he does it so well. Also this is the only the second time I ever asked him to jump with a rider 3rd time ever and it has been almost a month since the last time when did it. I did not warm him up over the jump before the video either this was his first shot at it. I was not expecting him to go so big so don’t mind me.

Davinci is incredibly smart and brave. He can excel in so many directions and would make a great horse for a very advanced all around youth rider. His handler/rider should be confident and fairly experienced at this time I would not reccomend for beginners as he can be a bit of a busy body when hes unsure about things.Once you gain this guys respect and trust he is incredibly willing.

His confidence and forward motion are getting better with each ride as well as the relaxion is starting to come a bit more. Although Davinci has been ridden in a bit he rides well in a rope halter which we both prefer for the time being. He has been out on trails crossed through water and muck and on a road with cars. He has been on rocky trail with steep inclines and declines and is sure footed and a hard worker on the trail. Endurance could be right up his ally. We are looking forward to our first camp trip and a show soon as well. It is gonna be a busy week!

Anyone interested is welcome to have a meet and greet with Davinci and please feel free to message me with any questions about him. I may not always get back to you right away as I spend alot of time in the barn but I promise to make these messages my first priority to answer.

He has been pastured with mares but will do best with geldings for now. He has come a long way with feet handling and fly spray and has even allowed other people to do these things. I think at this point I need to work more on me than him!



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