ADOPTION PENDING – Butterscotch: 2011 Chestnut Miniature Mare

Consider adoption if looking for a horse. Our horses are fostered in WV, KY, PA and OH, and we adopt nationwide.


Breed: Miniature Pony
Coat: Chestnut
Height: 33″ (Approximation) 
Foal Year:  2011
Fee: $250
Location: Cabell County, WV

This mare is very bonded with Pixie (the Shetland), and they are very bonded and would love a home together. They are not very trusting of people, so patience would be required.

Pixie was said by the previous owner to be undersaddle, accepting of tack and able to be ridden by children, but so far, we have only evaluated her on leadline, and she was very accepting. Butterscotch has carried a rider via leadline only within the rescue, and she was also very accepting.

Skill Level Required:


Learn about what this level means by clicking here


Introduction to Adoption

Apply to adopt:

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