Angus: 2013 Chestnut S/A Mustang Gelding

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Sex: Gelding
Breed: S/A Mustang
Coat: Chestnut, Flaxen Mane and Tail
Height: 14.2hh (Approximation)
Foal Year: 2013
Fee: $800
Location: Barboursville, WV

Trainer: Bethany McNett – FACEBOOK and Blog

Please reach out via the trainer link to ask any questions about suitability, training and progress.

Angus is a 4 year old S/A mustang gelding.

He stands approximately 14.1 hh with strong build, large bone, and good feet.
He has had 30 days of training, with very minimal human handling before this.
Angus loads and travels well in the trailer,
ties and stands patiently at home and away, picks up all four feet, stands for bathing and tacking up.
He leads well and lunges like a pro with WTC voice commands.
He has been ridden a handful of times but is progressing slowly to build more confidence under saddle.
Currently, Angus is best suited for an experienced handler and rider, but he has shown so much progress in just the 30 of training that it will be exciting to see what he can do with another 2 months of work.
To follow Angus, visit Bethany McNett – Appalachian Trainer Face Off 2018
Attend the Appalachian Trainer Face Off and OPEN SHOW on August 24 and 25

To learn about this event and about adopting this horse or another ATFO horse, please visit the event page.

You can follow the progress of this horse daily and weekly in photos and video on the TRAINER page above.


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  1. How is his training coming along? I am looking for a trail partner and love mustangs. I am an experienced rider and I board at the farm of my trainer.


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