Merilee: 1998* Liver Chestnut Tennessee Walker Mare

Consider adoption if looking for a horse. Our horses are fostered in WV, KY, PA and OH, and we adopt nationwide.


Merilee is an 20 plus year old TWH mare.


Sex: Mare
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Coat: Liver Chestnut
Height: 15hh (Approximation), Stocky
Foal Year: 1998+
Fee: Waived
Location: Near Grayson, KY

  • Lovely trot at liberty.
  • Truly a beautiful mare, and nothing about her seems the least aged.
  • Not especially fond of other horses, so she would be perfectly suited to a life of being a pasture pet and an only horse.


Skill Level Required: 6


Learn about what this level means by clicking here



Apply to adopt:


  1. My husband and I fed this herd for two plus years as they were abandoned on a strip mine. We called this one blind girl because her eye was foggy. We could holler hey blind girl and she would come running . Would love to get updates on her and her colt we saw right after birth.


    1. Merilee didn’t come into us with a colt, but the other bay mare that was much younger if the one that had just had a the foal right before we rounded them up, and she looked very similar. The private rescue with us that day, Raiderhill Farm in Ky took that mare and foal, and we took Merile. Merilee actually came into us bred, and she had a filly about a month ago. Both are doing great.


      1. Such wonderful news, we a.ways thought she was blind in that eye. As she was jumpy on that side. I loved her but only lived on one acre. Yes she was pregnant we believed by the one we called big boy. You have made our Christmas hearing how happy she is doing. Thank you so much for responding, I’ve watched my email all day hoping you would reply. Thank you thank you thank you


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