Margarita: 2015 Black TWH/Spotted Saddle Horse X Mare

Consider adoption if looking for a horse. Our horses are fostered in WV, Ky, PA and Ohio, and we adopt nationwide.




Sex: Mare
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse/Spotted Saddle Horse X (Naturally Gaited)
Coat: Black
Height: 14.1hh (Approximate Maturity)
Foal Year:  2015
Fee: $300
Location: Lesage, WV

‘Rita, as she is known, was born into HOP when her mother came to us bred. She has an affectionate, yet strong personality. Her nature means you need to have experience and a firm, yet kind approach, else she would take advantage. She is good for the farrier, leads and holds her own in a herd, even though she is a young gal.

Skill Level Required:


Learn about what this level means by clicking here



Apply to adopt:





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