Satine: 2010 Chestnut Kentucky Mountain Mare

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Sex: Mare
Breed: Kentucky Mountain Mare (gaited)
Coat: Chestnut
Height: 14.3 (Approximation)
Foal Year:  2010
Fee: $600
Location: St. Albans, WV

She has received 90 days of training with Susan Sunday at Sunday Stables. She loads well, is reasonable with the farrier and has a sensible mind. She would be a lovely trail partner with continued training. She is barn sour, so needs consistent work and a confident rider.

Her foster says:

“Took Satine on a little trail ride this evening. She was awesome with obstacles, hill work, going through thick brush etc. I was really impressed with how she handled my crazy dogs running all around her. She didn’t even bat an eye. She has a very smooth running walk but isn’t totally consistent yet. Sometimes she tried to trot, but came back down to a running walk with bumping her with my heel. She will make someone an awesome horse.”


“Satine is doing great with the farriers. Dogs don’t seem to bother her, either. She does move around in the cross ties some on the back feet.”

Once she settles in, she can be buddy sour, so while we are working with her on this, a potential adopter should be prepared to work with her, as well.

Skill Level: 5




Apply to adopt: 





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