Jane: 2004 Bay Thoroughbred Mare





Sex: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Coat: Bay
Height: 15.3hh
Foal Year:  2004
Fee: $500
Location: Lesage, WV

Jane is a Thoroughbred mare within rescue who is hoping to be a hack horse for someone.
Jane raced as a two year old and has been ridden as a hunter/trail horse.  She needs a rider with quiet hands and confidence.  She does well with a lot of turn out and requires shoes due to sensitive soles on her front hooves.
She is really quite beautiful, and she has been with HOP for a long time, having a few previous adoption and trials that haven’t worked out. Because of being through several homes that ended up not being a good fit, she will need consistency and good horsemanship to get her to her full potential as a partner.

She has a bit of light arthritis that has developed recently, and While early on with HOP, she did Hunter / Jumper, she would not be a candidate for jumping these days.


Skill level required:




Apply to adopt:


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