A Perfect Match


The most important thing to us is matching the right horse with the right home. We do all we can to facilitate the RIGHT MATCH for the horse and rider have a great future together.

We understand all placements cannot last forever. Our goal is a a good match for a happy future, though.

Our horses are vaccinated, wormed, have had a negative coggins, dental care, farrier care. Many have been through training with some of the best trainers in Appalachia!

But because our goal is GREAT HOMES, they are honestly represented with adoption fees staying notably lower than a comparable horse in the sale market.

These are but a few of the PERKS of adoption!

Your adopted horse has a GOOD MATCH GUARANTEE. This means is the horse doesn’t work for you or your child or if circumstances come up which makes care of the horse difficult,

The Horse simply comes back to Heart of Phoenix. HOP refunds the adoption fee to you when the horse finds his next home to you.

Lastly, if you’re a beginner or adopting for a child, if you adopt and OUTGROW the pony or horse you adopt and aren’t in a situation where keeping two horses is possible,

the equine can be returned to us, with the adoption fee applying to ANOTHER HOP horse that is more suitable for your or your child’s growing abilities.


Have Questions? Just ask, and HOP can also connect you many of our hundreds of HAPPY ADOPTERS across the USA.

A few things we ask of interested applicants:

Please only Apply once you’re certain you want to give adoption a try and are committed to the bit if time it takes for us to complete the application process.
This process is tailored to help us better know what horse might work for you.
Apply once you have all needed information. Remember, we are looking for safe and caring homes, nothing need be “fancy” or perfect.

The Application is filled and processed before meeting our adoptable horses. After the application is finished up, you can then meet the HOP horse(s) you’ve selected to see if you are a match.

All HOP Horses go to their new homes on adoption agreements. The flexibility and assurance these agreements afford YOU are priceless.

Agreements do not allow for resale, auction or the giving away of the HOP horse, but those things aren’t needed because should the horse not be able to stay with you, the HOP horses simply comes back to us. HOP refunds the adoption fee once the horse find his/her next adoptive home.

Your Facility:

We have very basic requirements here. We ask for a well maintained fence, at least a 3 sided shelter in poor weather, access to clean water and a place free of overcrowding for the horse.

Barbed wire is typically not accepted if old, loose or used around areas where horses congregate for feeding. Boarding facility are happily accepted if they meet these above terms. We adopt nationwide.

Your Care History:

In order to verify a good care history, we will need a vet and farrier reference. We ask for additional references to help get the best picture of your riding level and personality .

This helps us be sure you’re a good fit for adoption and help us know which horse(s) may work well for you. If you currently own horses, an equine vet and farrier are two important references.

If you are new to ownership, a small animal vet reference if you have pets can work. A very solid vet reference goes a long way, and if your small animal vet knows you best, this reference can

work well for any application. Equine dentist, 4H leaders, Trainers and boarding barn owners you work with all make wonderful references. Please make sure they know we will be calling or they

know to contact us to make things move quickly, so you can meet your NEW “POTENTIAL” HORSE.

Your Experience:

A horse can only be adopted to someone who can easily handle and ride the horse they select. The only exception is when an adopter comes with a trainer and is working with a trainer in a facility.

If you are a beginner rider and owner, we can help you get on the path to becoming a capable rider and owner through our programs, so reach out and ask us how we can help.

Alrighty, let’s apply!


  1. Hello,
    my name is Maria, I have been a horse lover all my life and rider up until I was 20 (quit for time reasons). Although I would love to adopt unfortunately I live in Italy. So I was just wondering if you are aware of any places like yours in Italy or maybe near countries. I looked but found none. I would appreciate any help or tip. Love your amazing work. I will be supporting in other ways. Thank you for your time, Maria

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